Monday, May 21, 2007

Final Projects Due May 30

As an addendum to our lecture on copyright last week, let me recommend the following YouTube link to a piece that explains copyright using Disney film clips, "A Fair(y) Use Tale."

It is absolutely brilliant.

Also, an op-ed piece by author Mark Helprin in the New York Times on Sunday suggests that copyrights should be perpetual. I don't agree, but you should be aware of his opinion.

We'll have a quiz on the copyright and business practices material on Wednesday. Be prepared to print afterwards.

According to the final exam schedule, we are finished with classes this Friday and our Final Exam period is on May 30. This was not my understanding when I started teaching this class. This means that you all MUST finish your work for your final projects this week and you MUST present your final projects on Wednesday, May 30, during our exam period, which is the same time as our class period. Make note of this, please.