Tuesday, April 15, 2008

APA/LA Assistant Boot Camp Weekend

I just got the following notice from APA LA about its upcoming workshops. Assisting is a great way to learn the business of photography. Many of the photographers I know, including myself, spent at least some time assisting other photographers. I had a friend in New York who, at that time, owned a light-rental business in addition to being a good shooter. He was able to connect me with advertising photographers in New York, where I assisted for about six months. I later rented my studio in the DC area to some of those same photographers for their out of town shoots. Assistants get paid better today, but they also need a whole lot more skills.

APA/LA Assistant Boot Camp Saturday May 3, 2008 With so many photographers seeking work, how can a photography student gain an edge? Until you can build a stellar portfolio and use it to market your photos, learn the business behind the business. Whether your goals include gaining more commercial experience or learning about being an assistant, this moderated panel of leading photography apprentices will provide the knowledge and confidence to send you in the right direction. We'll cover career opportunities and the ins and outs of getting hired in the industry. A good resource for film assistants, prop work and film crews. In this course, you can expect to learn:

Insight into industry expectations Identifying potential markets Effective communication and marketing strategies Whom you should know and how to develop a professional relationship Whom to contact to get hired What is expected of you when you are hired, & how to get paid for your work Managing self-income taxesWhat not to do, and things to look out for Demos of various lighting, camera and grip equipment In addition each participant will receive a copy of the APA/LA Assistant Handbook Breakfast and Lunch will be provided
Early Registration: (on or before May 1, 2008) Free for APA/LA Assistant ($125 Annual Fee) Student Members ($55 Annual Fee)
$60 Non-members

Late Registration:
$10 APA/LA Assistant and Student Members
$70 Non-members
* Black Book Raffle * The Black Book will be raffling off a FREE 10 Image Online Portfolio. Our
Blackbook.com website focuses on the work of the artist. This is your chance
to showcase your portfolio to the industry's best.
Photo Assistant Training 101 Sunday May 4, 2008 9:30 - 5:30pm (registration & breakfast: 9:30 - 10:00am) Anthony Nex Studio 3221 Hutchinson Ave Los Angeles, CA 90034 Attendance is limited to 20. Register Now!
(Prerequisite: attendance at APA/LA Assistant Boot Camp (2007 or 2008)

APA/LA is proud to present our new full day Photo Assistant Training course in conjunction with out Assistant Boot Camp. In this course, held on Sunday May 4th attendees will be able to participate in HANDS ON instruction and demonstrations in a more intimate atmosphere allowing participants to have the opportunity of handling the gear under direction and supervision. Basic lighting set-ups will be discussed in length and you will have the opportunity to take notes and draw diagrams. TIME PERMITTING, participants MAY be able to shoot a few frames for your records and note taking.

This course will cover:

Light modifiers: assemble and disassemble soft boxes, umbrellas, etc.
Light meter: work with a light meter
Light control: flags, nets, cutters, etc
Tungsten: hot lights and fresnel
Strobes: assemble different brands of strobe gear
Stands and Grip: work with a cstand and other grip equipment
Travel: what to expect, packing and preparing
Attitude: proper set etiquette
Marketing: ideas old and new
Syncing strobes: in studio and on location
Seamless: set up a seamless and background
Your Assistant "kit": tools for problem solving to make your job easier and help you shine.

What to bring:
Your light meters and SLR cameras (film or digital). (optional)
Pen or Pencil
Admission: Breakfast and Lunch are included

APA Members - $99
Non Members - $149
Register Now!